ModifyOrder - method


Input is .xml file with following marks.


Item description






Order year



Order book



Order number



Warehouse id



Customer id



Customer payer id



Order date



Confirmation date



Confirmation customer date



Delivery date



Customer delivery date



Order reference



Quotation number



Delivery address



Delivery method



Cost center id



Cost unit id



Clerk id



Work order id



Analytic id



Accounting book group ID



Analytic AN1 ID



Analytic AN2 ID



Analytic AN3 ID



Customer clerk ID



Order status



Order details status



Document sales type



Gross amount



Discount amount



Rebate amount



Net amount



VAT amount



Payment amount



Reference delivery note



Reference warehouse document



Reference bill



Reference invoice






Parity code



Parity place









Order line number



Order line sequence



Warehouse id



Item id



Series id



EAN code



Item comparison code



Item title1



Item title2



Item description



Ordered QTY



Customer ordered QTY



Shipped QTY



Reserved QTY



Reserved to date



Unit for price



Unit of measure






Price with VAT



Discount percentage



Discount percentage2



Discount percentage3



Discount percentage4



Discount percentage5



Delivery date



Cost center id



Cost unit id



Clerk id



Work order id



Analytic id



VAT rate id



VAT rate percent



VAT calculated



VAT description



VAT invoice type



VAT non taxable deduction



VAT prodaja na daljavo



VAT montaza






Text line



Closed line






Gross amout



Intermediate amount



Net amount



VAT amount



Discount amount



Rebat amount



Ins upd date






The output is a .xml file in which it is stated, if the method is successful or not.