AddTravelOrders - method


Input is .xml file with following marks.


Item description









Travel order year



Travel order number



Customer ID



Cost center ID



Cost driver ID



Clerc ID



Work order



Issue date



Employee ID



Employee name



Issuer ID



Issuer name



Itinerary ID



Itinerary name



Task ID



Task name



Estimated departure time



Estimated arrival time



Authorized use of



Vehicle ID



Requester ID



Requester name



Actual departure time



Actual arrival time



Advance date



Billing date



Advance amount



Billed amount



Transfer to DK date






Additional description



Annex description



Other description



Plate number proposal



Plate number approved



Estimated KM



Allowance amount



Special allowance



TO type



Trip report



Approved vehicle ID



Itinerary description



Departure KM reading



Arrival KM reading



Billing by ID



Payment approved by ID



Transfer to OPZ date



Event start date



Event end date



Cost ID



Currency ID



Cancellation date



Home currency ID



Monthly order



Month order



Regulation amount






Transfer to EP date



Education ID



Exam ID



Transfer to PP date



Transfer to EK date



KM cost ID



Transfer to REK date












Status ID



Billing doc ID



Annex doc ID



Type ID



Advance payment



Rejection date



Specimen ID



Approval clerc ID



Approval admin ID



Approved template



Approved billing



Approved advance






The output is a .xml file in which it is stated, if the method is successful or not.