General instruction

The customer code must exist in the iCenter's register. Most often this is a 7-digit code with leading zeros.


Customers are buyers and suppliers, and other legal and natural persons with whom we cooperate. In order for client input to be as fast and accurate as possible, the program allows the transfer of client data from a public database.

This means that we search the client in a public database by name or tax number, and the program will automatically transfer all of its data from the public database to our code list.


In the client´s code list:

I. Add new customers.
II. We edit customer information.
III. We're erasing customers.
IV. We review customer and document information.
V. The list can be exported to the Excel file.
VI. With a direct link to the map on, we look at the location of the customer on the map.
VII. We need to be careful when entering customer data, as these data will be displayed on the issued invoice.
VIII. In the case of automatic data transfer from a public database, the transferred data is carefully checked.